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Mike Foreman - Prezident 


It all started when I bought my first Z after a world cruise on the USS ENTERPRISE in 1990 in all expenses paid vacation courtesy of the US NAVY.  It was a 1982 280ZX 5-speed slick-top coupe.  I loved that car.  Drove it back and forth across the country and was that car you look back at when walking away after parking it.  You know what I mean.  My passion for Z cars continued to grow and went to my first ZCON in 1992 in Knoxville, TN.  Shortly after that and meeting ‘Mad’ Mike Taylor; I started a Z Club in Virginia soon after that.  I moved down to Charlotte area in 1994 with my 72’ 240Z built 2.8 12:1 compression, FI and lots of goodies for the time and a 1979 280ZX-R.  I joined CZC in 1995 and became president the following year. Hard times with the cancellation of the Z in 1996 but we press on.  After a few years away from the Club with work and other life events, I jumped back into the club in 2007 after my 8th Z Car. A 2007 350Z “Stella” …another one I still look back at and smile at.  I became more active in the club and since then I’ve served as Secretary and Treasurer over the course of 6 + years. Somewhere in there I built a track 240Z with a LS6 swap you may have seen online…CZC, ZCON ZNATS, ZDAYZ and more…it’s an amazing community across this country that I love to be involved with. I look forward to meeting the new members and building a bigger, better Carolina Z Club.

David Solomon – Vice President

Hi all my name is David Solomon. I have been around cars my entire life. My automotive journey began in a Buick dealership where my parents worked. I literally grew up there. By 1984 I had my first z and the rest prior and since has been an excited journey. While I love Z’s, I love all types of cars. Currently I have 2015 Zo6 and a 1972 240z I am recreating. My daily driver is a M235i. Those that know me well call me “car crazy”. After many years I finally have a garage to escape to and enjoy the projects. I have been associated with the club since 2004 in some form or fashion. With my office now in Davidson, Mooresville and Charlotte I am off the road so to speak and find myself with time to spare. I am excited to be active in the club again and meet all the new members and re-connect with old friends. Looking forward to serving the club.

Jeremy Luxon – Event Coordinator

I’m Jeremy Luxon. My first car was 02 Mitsubishi Galant fully loaded. It was a fun car. I own 03 G35 sedan sport. Enjoy sedans for some odd reason. The best smiles are on the track passing Z/coupe G’s. The fun part it is manual. CIN Motorsports help build the G to what it is today. Soho Motorsport helps maintain it and possible build. I enjoy tracking, Zdayz, ZNational, club events, and other events. CIN Motorsports introduced me to the CZC 5 years ago. One of the first members I met was Graham. The Z/G community has always been great to me in every way. The CZC is more than a club to me. So many new friends and experiences being involved. I have always been around cars and different types of racing. Enjoy talking to car enthusiast of all types. I went to school for Event Meeting/Planning. Very excited to be the CZC Event Coordinator.

I want to thank you all for the opportunity to be the 2017 Event Coordinator. My goal is to make every CZC member proud to be a part of this group and make past officers proud as well.

There are some awesome changes in the works to further bring everyone together at great events. These events will be tailored to fit more members’ schedules and work to increase membership. I’m looking forward to being involved with more vendors and the community, and ultimately bring the club closer together. We have an amazing group of people and I’m excited for us to make 2017 great in every way!

Janine Terpstra–  Treasurer

My first car was a 1973 VW Super Beetle. It was bright yellow and everyone in town knew that was my car. I loved that car and was so super proud to drive it. My dad also had a VW buggy that I helped him customize and then I got to drive it weather permitting. My Sr. year in high school dad sold my beetle and bought a bug project car. I helped him work on that for the next 2 years never able to complete it. Years earlier while I was a little tomboy I had also helped him restore a 1963 Jaguar XKE and later stripped down and help him restore the Carmen Ghia I occasionally take to Cars & Coffee. I've always been a bit of a car girl always having a love for the looks and emotional feel of a car rather than how many hampsters are under the hood. A few years ago my husband, Mic, suggested we take a weekend anniversary trip to the mountains so he could introduce me to this car club he had met at C&C. That was my first year at Zdays and I was hooked. It's all been a fantastic joy ride ever since. I have met some of the coolest friends who I hope to know for a long long time and every event I get to meet someone new. My dream is to have a 370z of my own sooner rather than later if I can work enough OT to pay for it. 😉

Michelle Settle–  Secretary

Hello, my name is Michelle Settle. I got involved with the Carolina Z Club through my husband and business partner Bryan.  I have found the Z community to be a huge wonderful family and wanted to be a facilitator for those enthusiasts by accepting the invitation to run for Secretary this year.  Bryan and I are recent owners of a 2003 G35 and I have been a marginal contributor to the new beast  350Z race car he has spent the last 5 years building.  I enjoy going to track and working behind the scenes at ZdayZ, ZNationals and Tar Heel Sports Car Club.  My goal this year is to help the officers carry on the vision of this club and to start a track program.